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Even if you don't own a mic, Mumble will be the fastest way to connect with guildies during headstart. Don't have headstart access? Join us in mumble anyway. The more the merrier.


PORT 20005

PASSWORD pathwalk2014

Download Mumble HERE.

by Selaesori on Sep 29, 2014 at 12:52 PM

Hey gang! Haven't done a status report in a bit, so I wanted to post an update about some milestones.

- We have more clippers than I can count. I'm pretty sure we have over 10.
- We have four farm carts! (Strange, Siorus, Redwell, and Selaesori).
- We've claimed two additional small scarecrow plots on our ledge for Dargonn and Armond.

Don't forget to keep our production spreadsheet updated with your resource needs, and once you are able to craft unique items, let us know in our crafting forums.

Now that the dust has settled and many of us are approaching 50, we're going to start focusing on guild events. This is a sandbox game, so let's start having some fun!
by Qanindul on Sep 23, 2014 at 02:03 AM
Strange loaded up the cart with packs and carried several of us as passengers on the cart. Things took a turn for the worse when I gave directions, and we wound up high-centered just minutes from Crescent Throne.

by Selaesori on Sep 22, 2014 at 01:48 PM
We have our first set of workstations and are about to be able to start producing seed bundles. Now the fun begins!

Fishing Boat
Our first guild project is to build a Fishing Boat. Ducea is hard at work earning the 250 gilda stars. Want to help out? We'll be posting guild fundraisers on our website calendar. These events won't cost you anything except your time!

Most of you joined because we promised fishing. Starting tomorrow, we'll be able to cheaply craft seed bundles that will produce bait worms when gathered. Time to start skilling up and filling our bags with fish!

Farmers Workstations
We've stockpiled the alchemical ingredients for these. Ready to craft yours? PM me or Redwell!

But, what about ____ ?
We are full steam ahead, but we don't want to leave anyone behind. If you need lumber or other resources to build a house, clipper, or farm please let us know.

by Redwell on Sep 20, 2014 at 12:56 PM
THANK YOU to everyone who helped out in Shroomagedden. Farmer's Workstations are in our collective futures!

by Selaesori on Sep 19, 2014 at 01:18 PM
Just wanted to share a few shots of our community, now that we're all set up. Congrats everyone for all your contributions and hard work!

by Selaesori on Sep 18, 2014 at 01:25 PM

Our community plot is nearly complete and our armada of clippers is growing! Thanks to everyone who has been helping us chop down trees and process lumber to share with the guild. I especially loved the moment when I realized I didn't have enough gold to buy more saplings, only to find out that two members had already donated some stacks. You all are the best!

A few orders of business:

  • Our Guild Bank is also now available. Look on the cliff for a house named "Bank." Please use it to share resources and other helpful items.
  • We want to help you build your projects too! Select the "Current Production" link under the shout box (members only) and let us know what you are working on.
  • If you'd like a guild crest for a flag or your ship, let me know and I'll send one over.
  • Our next step is getting Redwell's Alchemy to 10000 so we can start producing Viscous Glossy Oil for Farmer's Workstations. We're having a "Call to Farms: Shroomageddon" event this Saturday. Every two hours we'll fill our farms with mushrooms and process them into medicinal powder. Fun(gal) times!
  • We're planning our first social event on Friday. Log on around 9PM and head to our cliff!