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by Morozko on Jun 15, 2014 at 10:44 PM
Hey folks! We've rebooted our website and will begin recruiting again shortly. Our plan is to initially focus on small-scale PVE achievements and cooperative play. We are a niche group with a goal of staying moderately small but incredibly active.

A Different Take on PVE

  • We value accomplishment over efficiency, and achievements over loot.
  • We take content seriously without forgetting that we are playing a game.
  • Succeeding together is more important than succeeding alone.
  • We create our own strategies and limit reading guides (Spoilers!).
  • We will never skip or exploit content.

More than a LFG Alternative

  • We have a social mumble and active website.
  • We love social events and any excuse to enjoy the game together (Check out this event we did in GW2).
  • Participation, of any sort, is required. Inactive members will be removed.

How to Join

Submit an application here to join our site. We'll accept all walks of life, but you'll be most comfortable with us if you are an employed adult (25+) with a healthy work, life, and game balance.
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