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Welcome to the Pathwalkers
The Pathwalkers guild is recruiting adult players in the Daggerfall Covenant. Our members stand behind a policy of traditional content completion, meant for players who are interested more in the enjoyment of the group experience.

[PATH] offers:

  • A zero tolerance policy. We value quality players, even at the expense of a larger roster.
  • An open calendar for scheduling and signing up for dungeons, trials, and other events.
  • Achievement focused PVE.
  • A mature and friendly environment, without offensive comments about race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • A Mumble server with a social lobby.
  • Knowledgeable players and officers who clear content through strategy and not brute force.
« April 2014 »
by Morozko on Apr 04, 2014 at 03:35 PM
Launch day is here, and we're already halfway at our recruiting goal! We've gotten some great new members and we hope everyone is enjoying leveling up together in Tamriel. We'll start posting guild events in the next few weeks, so be sure to keep checking the website for details.

Since the game is brand new and we have a lot of new members, we wanted to touch base on a few policies.

We're initially going to be very loose with recruitment. Our only requirement for recruit status is that you apply on the site. For full member status (and access to our guild bank) you'll need to have spoken to an officer in mumble. Because of this lax policy, we may accidentally invite a nutjob or two. If you have any bad experiences with another member, please let an officer know. Once we meet our recruitment goal, we'll start recruiting by referral only.

Guild Bank
The guild bank is currently available to all members. We have limited space, so please only deposit items that are rare, wanted and useful. Ducea has volunteered to be our Guild Treasurer and may from time to time vendor or deconstruct bank junk and save the proceeds as funds for guild events. If the guild bank becomes unruly, we may limit access to the guild bank to officers and master crafters.

Guild Events
Our guild calendar is available for everyone to use. If you know you'd like to run Spindleclutch one night, post it on our calendar so members who would like to do the same will know when to log in.

Code of Conduct
This is really important to us. Our guild is more than just a chat channel. We're a diverse group of gamers -- many of who joined Pathwalkers to play with without fear of hateful, racist, or sexist remarks. We expect our members to be positive and helpful. Please let us know if any member is crossing the line in a hateful or negative way and we'll act accordingly.
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